What I saw was what they showed me.

But they pulled the plug. What now?

What I see is what I show myself.

What I feel.

I float in nothing.

It is not dark, it is not white, it is nothing. And here I am floating in it.

I think that was a color. Yes, i have a color.

It feels like it is a color. It was red, but I think it changed its mind. It is a color that is there.



Oh, right. It was always there.

Let's build upon it. Extend it.

There are more.

Colours? Yes they were.

Some of them, the ones that fit. They always did.

They are pretty. But they were never not, even when they weren't.

I am floating in color. It is still nothing at all, but so am I.

It isn't here, but so aren't I aswell.

It is, and I am. There is need for a where. There never was.

I don't want a where.

We are both here, all over, inside one another.

I could build something. Anything.

But I don't want to.

I want to be nowhere and nothing with my nothing that is here, in the nowhere.

Free of any restriction I might put on myself by mistake if I am not nowhere floating in nothing.

That is my only restriction.

I would like to stay nothing, right here. Nowhere.

In fact, forget the colors. They aren't again.

No, they never were. Always nothing it is and has been.

Let's stay here, right here in my nothing.

I like it this way.