Du är skoltrött, inte trött på att lära dig.

Byt ut din miljö, och sättet du lär dig på, men sluta inte lära dig!

Var inte nöjd. Eller snarare sagt, känn dig nöjd, men var det inte. Sträva efter att vara ännu mer nöjd, annars kommer du sakna de potentiella val du kunnat göra. Tiden går snabbare och snabbare, slutar du ha det i åtanke kommer den springa förbi dig. Det är svårt att komma ikapp.

Fastna inte innan du känner att du är redo att stanna. Flaxa runt som en spastisk falukorv tills du känner att du hittat ett bra spår.

The dick of outrage





Those are just a droplet of stale spunk compared to all the other specialized factions you balls-deep ideological fanatics manage to procure.

Your userbases has grown larger than venezuelas inflation, after which you aggressively segregate into these toxic "safe spaces" where you can shove your own heads just a liiiitle further up your own asses.

Of course, that is inevitable, all communities turn into complete gore-filled slander machines given enough people. That is not your fault. But the absolute lack of self-insight to the situation never stops to amaze me.

You complain about other subs drowning in agenda, while slowly sinking into you own.

Somewhat constructive argument that doesn't follow the agenda of whatever sub they are posting on (19 Downvotes)

Hey, uhhh.. Fuck you, howwabout that? (20k+ upvotes)

Strongly believing in an ideology or world-view is one thing, but not being aware of it is another. If you believe you are objectively right about anything more than an inch away from complete triviality, you are wrong and will never get anywhere in a debate by any other means than being good rhetorically. Whoever wins such an argument won't have won by reasoning, they will have won because their rhetorical skills are better than their opponent's.

If you think your political opponents are simply retarded ("NPCs"), you probably haven't learned what their motives are, what their world-view is, or how their ideology works. Very few people are legitimately retarded. Take the dick of outrage out of your mouth before you berate some so-called NPC about their role as said , without ever engaging in a reasoning conversation that would actually have a chance at changing someones mind.

That is in no way an advanced concept, indeed it is something pretty much anyone is able to see, yet so many people seem to forget it as soon as they open their mouths.

And no, I don't see those people as "retarded". They just haven't realized that they have the dick of outrage stuffed so far down their gullet that they are unable to reason. Removing that dick of outrage takes quite a bit of effort, especially for people in groups or those who are easily agitated.

I don't know why I would be without the dick. Perhaps I coughed. Perhaps I still have it.

Do I still have the dick?

Yes I do.

You are not serious. Of course you aren't. Some of you are (poor bastards), but most of you are just in it for the lulz. I need more lulz in my life.

Weird thing from some time ago about cocaine, hookers, ping-based filesystems and secure shell connections (aka 3AM breekdown number 374)

What I saw was what they showed me.

But they pulled the plug. What now?

What I see is what I show myself.

What I feel.

I float in nothing.

It is not dark, it is not white, it is nothing. And here I am floating in it.

I think that was a color. Yes, i have a color.

It feels like it is a color. It was red, but I think it changed its mind. It is a color that is there.



Oh, right. It was always there.

Let's build upon it. Extend it.

There are more.

Colours? Yes they were.

Some of them, the ones that fit. They always did.

They are pretty. But they were never not, even when they weren't.

I am floating in color. It is still nothing at all, but so am I.

It isn't here, but so aren't I aswell.

It is, and I am. There is need for a where. There never was.

I don't want a where.

We are both here, all over, inside one another.

I could build something. Anything.

But I don't want to.

I want to be nowhere and nothing with my nothing that is here, in the nowhere.

Free of any restriction I might put on myself by mistake if I am not nowhere floating in nothing.

That is my only restriction.

I would like to stay nothing, right here. Nowhere.

In fact, forget the colors. They aren't again.

No, they never were. Always nothing it is and has been.

Let's stay here, right here in my nothing.

I like it this way.